Morgen's beauty tips:
Some excerpts are from Morgen's book

The Right Light
Ideally, when applying your makeup, you should try and duplicate whatever light you are in most of your day. If you work at night in a low-lit environment, then you should apply your makeup with less light. If you were to use daylight as your guide, you'd probably have too light an application on. If you can't replicate your lighting then I'd recommend using daylight (near a window, non-direct). This is a clean, neutral light and it's a good way to have your makeup look nice in most lights. Also, daylight is great for grooming your eyebrows!

Brush Flush
My synthetic brushes are designed to be very soft and thin so you don't need to push them into the product hard to get the correct coverage. You should clean them about once or twice a week. First, hold them horizontally and run the hairs only, under warm water. Use regular hair shampoo and gently massage it into the hairs. Run it under water again and massage it until it feels clean and soft. You should be able to separate each hair without them sticking together. Use your fingers to squeeze the water out in a horizontal and flat motion. Dry it on a flat surface, preferably with the hair hanging off an edge an inch so that the air dries it faster. Never dry the brush standing up.

Taking It Off
Your makeup remover should be selected according to your makeup and skin routine. If you use waterproof mascara, you need a heavier, oil-based makeup remover. If you wear very little makeup, then a mild remover/cleanser will do. It's important to select the right makeup remover so you don't need to rub aggressively in order to get the skin clean. If your makeup needs to be vigorously rubbed off and your eyelashes seem to be falling out, the remover you're using doesn't work. I actually use one for my face and a separate product for my eyes.

Correct Cleansing
Once you have taken your makeup off, you should use a pH-balanced gentle cleanser that has no perfume or alcohol. Your skin has to battle many foreign substances already, so keep cleansers as pure as you can get them. I use them all over and really massage them into my skin. Once your skin is clean, make sure you rinse with warm water - not hot! You don't need to scald your delicate skin to make sure it's clean. I have friends who only wash their face with purified water and swear that it's the secret to perfect skin. I've never done it, but it may be worth a try if you can afford it.